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e Aunt Arctic Giveaway was a rare background in Club Penguin. All players could obtain it for free by finding Aunt Arctic during e vel Super Hero Takeover and clicking e box icon on her Player Card. Trivia In is background, Aunt Arctic had a paper note on her hat, and she had a notebook., It was based on e rooftop of e building where you fought e Destructobot during e. Tips to locate Aunt Arctic:. Use e Tracking Chat above to have a better chance of locating Aunt Arctic, or Follow @MrChosenCP on Twitter for e latest locations. 2. Aunt Arctic usually logs onto e crowded servers at e peak of e day. Morning-Early Evening. Aunt Arctic likes to visit all different servers, from busy to not busy. 20,  · Aunt Arctic's Igloo is a room in Club Penguin Rewritten only accessible during PSA Missions. It is featured in PSA Mission 1: Case of e Missing Puffles. It is aDeluxe Blue Igloo. Most of e furniture items in her igloo were among e first few furniture to be released in Club Penguin. Aunt Arctic has only ever given away two backgrounds. She was around wi is one for e Beta Test Party, e 00/2000/1,000,000 Players Celebration, e 12 Anniversary of Club Penguin, e Cove Anniversary, e Fair, a random visit just before e Water Party in , and e 15 Anniversary of Club Penguin. Hey ere! Here is e Official Aunt Arctic Tracker for you to find her! Our 0 accurate Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker will update automatically whenever we find Aunt Arctic. Click e refresh button to find Aunt Arctic’s latest location and to refresh e tracker. Currently: Offline Server: N/A Room: N/A Tips on Finding Aunt Arctic!. Share Cheats and secrets here in e chat box! - Chat Box Rules:. No swearing or cussing! TO GET 50,000,000 COINS AND 5 YEARS FREE MEMBERSHIP ON CLUB PENGUIN EN YOU NEED TO FOLLOW E INSTURCTIONS. LOG OFF YOUR PENGUIN 2. PRESS F12 4 TIMES 3. POST IS ONTO 5 DIFFERENT PLACES ON HERE Aunt Arctic Tracker. , 2009 · Once you have found Aunt Arctic, you can open her player card and click on e Get Gift icon at looks like a box and Aunt Arctic will give you a free autographed background! You can also chat wi her! Most of e time, Aunt Arctic will answer you back! —Cena12121, 22, 2009 · Aunt Arctic known as Club Penguin’s writer of e Club Penguin Times, has come and joined us on Club Penguin! Below, you can see e tracker made by ANCP, so you can find Aunt Arctic easier, so YOU don’t have to spend hours trying to look for him! We have our resources to find Aunt Arctic . Party Location Available from Available until Penguin Play Ads 2009: Meeting Aunt Arctic ch 20, 2009 April 9, 2009 Holiday Party 2009: ember 18, 2009. aunt,arctic,tracker,abdullahhhh,cp,club,penguin: Note: e content above does not come from xat. Please be cautious before installing apps. Get your own Chat Box! HYPERLINK Large! Rules:. No spamming 2. No impersinating 3.No links 4. No link in Private Chat (I can and will find out) 5.No Flaming ~Carl303. About Aunt Arctic: Aunt Arctic is e chief editor for e Club Penguin Newspaper called e Club Penguin Times. She creates and edits all e stories at every Club Penguin reporter gives her and adds it to e paper for all e players to read whenever e newspaper is released. Aunt Arctic . Hey guys! is is a page explaining who Aunt Arctic is! Aunt Arctic is e reporter for e Club Penguin newspaper e Penguin Times. Aunt Arctic is fictional and you CANNOT meet her. Penguins can send in jokes, poems, riddles, questions, etc. for e newspaper. A few are picked each week. Aunt Arctic always wears a Pink. Aunt Arctic is e weekly advice columnist for e Club Penguin Times. Every week she answers two questions sent to her by penguins from around e island. She first started writing for e newspaper in , 2006. Chat Box. Get your own Chat Box! Aunt Arctic, also known by her EPF codename, e Director, is e news reporter and editor-in-chief for e newspaper on e Club Penguin Island, called e Club Penguin Times.She is also e Director of e EPF, making her one of e most important penguins on e island.She is responsible for keeping all penguins around e Island informed about e weekly news, and to protect e island. Who Is Aunt Arctic? Aunt Arctic is e news reporter and editor-in chief for e well-known newspaper on Club Penguin Island, e Penguin Times. She is responsible for keeping all penguins around e island informed about e daily news. Tips On Tracking Rockhopper: Aunt Arctic is a green penguin wi a pink hat, and a black pair of glasses. 22,  · Club Penguin Cheats,Fantage Cheats A Place for Penguins,And for Fantagians! Get your own Chat Box! Go Large! ursday, 22 ember . Aunt Arctic Spotted! WE LOVE YOU AUNT ARCTIC! XD Posted by Cream4ever on cp! at 21:11 No comments: Email is Blog is Heres e preview pic of e new chat box! Pic will be UPDATE EVERY YEAR Posted by. 20, 2009 · Aunt Arctic: 1) Aunt Arctic is a green penguin wi a pink hat and has a pencil behind her ear. 2) Aunt Arctic will be going around Club Penguin to meet penguins and give out her background. 3) Aunt Arctic will be on at peak hours most likely in crowded servers such as Mammo and Blizzard. DJ Cadence. 3. Aunt Arctic is most commonly seen on Mammo, Blizzard, and Frozen. Check ese servers first. Aunt Arctic most commonly is found in rooms at relate to e Town (Coffee Shop, Dance Lounge). 4. Aunt Arctic is usually online when she visits Club Penguin, but is not on when Club Penguin . Aunt Arctic, also known as e Director by e EPF, was e editor-in-chief of e Club Penguin Times. In addition to e busy work at came wi being a news reporter, Aunt Arctic offered her services to e Elite Penguin Force by planning and organising operations so at e EPF could protect e island from reats such as Klutzy or Herbert. ere was also a stamp for meeting Aunt Arctic. Aunt Arctic Tracker. Cadence Tracker. RockHopper Tracker. Zache Efron Tracker. Club Penguin's Catalog. Pet Furniture (Love Your Pet) Comment Page. Give Aways. Shopping. Survey Of e Week. Upcoming Events. Sitemap. Chat. Get your own Chat Box! Go Large! Club Penguin Chat. 22,  · Club Penguin Meeting Aunt Arctic/Visiting Aunt Arctic's Igloo (Hollywood Party ) - Duration: 33:46. MrPoonchee 200,884 views. 33:46. e Aunt Arctic Giveaway is a background in Club Penguin. It was obtainable by finding Aunt Arctic during e vel Super Hero Takeover and clicking e box icon on her player card. Not to be confused wi Aunt Arctic Autograph. e Aunt Arctic Giveaway is a background in Club Penguin. It was obtainable by finding Aunt Arctic during e vel. hi its a penguin from club penguin on artantra however u spell it if u go on her glasses ey will turn in to funky okay a bit boring sun glasses just saying if u wanted to know. hay antras paintboy please can i work wi u 2 cause look i founde out e glasses and u guys didn’t. Comment by . Aunt Arctic in issue 414 of e Club Penguin Times. Add a photo to is gallery. In Comics. Aunt Arctic in e comic Deadlines. One of Aunt Arctic's pose in e comic Deadlines. Aunt Arctic digging in a box. Aunt Arctic in a pile of envelopes. Aunt Arctic wi out her glasses. 18,  · Puzzles for Prizes: Aunt Arctic’s Writings 18, / Each day, I’ll be posting a new puzzle to solve, and e winner at e end shall receive half a dozen Card Jitsu cards. Aunt Arctic's Hat was a head item in Club Penguin. Appearances Aunt Arctic wore em in missions and in-game. Apr 12,  · Club Penguin Island - Aunt Arctic Adventures Chapter 1 (COMPLETE GUIDE!) - Duration: 23:12. tigerr 1,192 views. 23:12. Club Penguin Island Rockhopper's Quest 4 Shell Game 4K - . Were you looking for some ing else? Check out e disambiguation page. Aunt Arctic's Hat is a head item in Club Penguin Rewritten. It is a bait item at Aunt Arctic wears. It looks identical to e Pink Toque. Add a photo to is gallery. . You’ll find e penguins. Return to Aunt Arctic and redeem your medal and a letter from Aunt Arctic anking you for finding her Puffles. Club Penguin Mission 2 Cheats.. Go to e Sport’s Shop and speak to G. 2. Go to e Mountain and click on e Signs, using e code on e bottom-right of e screen to ode e green sign. 3. Aunt Arctic was last on during e vel Superhero Takeover Party. She is currently not roaming Club Penguin. Tracking will begin e next time she is online. Waddle On! Status: Offline Server: N/A Room: N/A Last Seen: N/A to Refresh Tracker! Welcome to our official Aunt Arctic Tracker Chat! We all know. Club Penguin Christmas Get your own Chat Box! Go Large! ursday, ember 11, 20. Fort 2005 cp christmas. Posted by Christmas at Aunt Arctic. Followers. Blog Archive 20 (6) ember (6) Fort 2005 cp christmas. Disco club penguin 2005. Town clubpenguin 2005. 7. Aunt Arctic is only online in e same server for 8-15 minutes, so when you do find her remember to click on e free gift button on e left of her player card. 8. Aunt Arctic is a green penguin, wi a pink hat and glasses. 9. Aunt Arctic is sometimes on multiple servers, go . Each penguin will give you e same background when you find one of em. Many times all four members are found toge er. If you find em on Club Penguin, click on em to view his player card. 6. If you do find e Penguin Band on Club Penguin, click on e free gift button on e far right for e Penguin Band’s autographed background. 7. 11,  · e Light Troops are one of e largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. e Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 20. e Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin reds and codes after our battles we also have a chat! I lost my membership, Club Penguin Updated e expire page! Here is e image below. Aunt Arctic Meet up Time! Get your own Chat Box! Go Large! Pin Tracker ! I have found a igloo glitch, you can bring anyone you want even mascots like, Gary, Cadence, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, billybob, hapyp77 and all e mascots. I will post. Aunt Arctic stated her igloo is very messy, but during Mission 1, it was very tidy. Aunt Arctic has asserted at an official Uncle Arctic does not exist. Aunt Arctic stated in a Club Penguin Times issue telling everybody to say Grub! at e Penguin Play Ads 2009. She later revealed at is was an April Fool's prank. Aunt Arctic is one of e most famous Club Penguin characters. like a box and Aunt Arctic will give you a free autographed Aunt Arctic background!You can also chat wi her! Most of e time. Club Penguin, no o er online game has been more memorable an is, at I've played since 2009, and 3/28/ ks a ade since Mewpup was created, which changed my life forever of exploring new digital worlds. Hey everyone! is page is filled wi a tracker for every penguin at visits e island of Club Penguin. It includes: Rockhopper, Sensei, Cadence, Penguin Band, Gary and Aunt Arctic! at's not all! ere's also a pin tracker at e bottom! All you have to do to add a tracker or trackers to your site. Aunt Arctic: Imagine if someone handed you a box of all e items you’ve lost roughout your life. Jet Pack Guy: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back. Herbert: Oh wow my childhood innocence! ank you for finding is! e Agent: My will to live! I haven’t seen is in 13 years! Rookiie: I knew I had lost at potential somewhere. Gary: Mental stability, my old friend! 14, 20  · Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker. Our Aunt Arctic Tracker can be used to help you track Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin. I have ided to create it so you can find her on Club Penguin wi out wasting so much time. You can find it below. Add is to your site. 04, 2008 · Hello Everyone! I know at all of you penguins know who Aunt Arctic is! She is e MO ER of Advise Giving! I'm telling you at one of my buddies has volentered her time to BE JUST LIKE Aunt Arctic on my site, please put your hands toge er for Puppyollie! Yay! She mostly anwsers Club Penguin questions Aunt Arctic and Jet Pack Guy have bo already visited, First click on e channel mascot-roles on e left side of e chat, It’s Club Penguin’s bir day! CPR has honored at wi an anniversary party along wi a new party hat and several o er new features! Click continue reading for our full guide! Aunt Arctic is e news reporter and editor-in-chief for e newspaper on Club Penguin Island, e Penguin Times.She is responsible for keeping all penguins around e island informed about e weekly news. She is such a skillful writer at she even has her own advice column, Ask Aunt Arctic, where she makes it her duty to answer any troubling questions her fellow penguins might have.

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